AEHIA Board Chair Todd Hatton Talks Goals for 2018 (Audio Included)

By Zach Donisch, Director of Membership, AEHIA


As AEHIA rolled out its first year of committee participation, the Membership and Marketing Committee faced a tough question: How do you define something as ambiguous as healthcare applications, and attach membership criteria to that for our organization’s benefit? Furthermore, the AEHIA Education and Professional Development would need to take that membership criteria and provide education that met high standards.

By all accounts, the undertakings of AEHIA’s 2017 committees were a success – leading to significant membership growth and the establishment of a monthly educational series that has grown significantly in attendance every month since November 2017.

2018 Board Chair Todd Hatton laid out the current landscape of AEHIA in a recent discussion. “We’ve obviously struck a chord to get the membership growth we’ve had, so there must be a need for senior healthcare IT application leaders… People need to learn from their peer’s best practices on how to run any size of applications department.” In 2017, AEHIA grew by almost 150 new applications leaders world-wide, and our education programs drew on members experience and interest, providing monthly opportunities for AEHIA members to come together and learn from each other.

AEHIA members will have the opportunity to join four committees in 2018:

Professional Development and Education
Solicit and schedule presenters for webinars, podcasts and other educational and promotional media. Solicit and review KnowledgeHub submissions.

Fall Summit Planning
Develop agenda, solicit speakers, assist in logistics and marketing and plan the annual AEHIA Fall Summit, taking place in San Diego from Oct. 31 – Nov. 2.

Membership and Marketing
Properly build, shape, and enhance our membership by recruiting healthcare IT applications and informatics leaders. Strive to help AEHIA reach specific growth goals through membership outreach and event and association marketing.

Awards and Most Wired
Design an awards series recognizing excellence in healthcare IT applications. Solicit and review nominations for awards and recognition.

AEHIA’s outlook is driven by the expectations set from its parent organization, the College of Healthcare Information Management Executives (CHIME).  As a factor in each committee’s initial charter, Todd outlined the role that CHIME plays in motivating AEHIA’s leadership. “CHIME is looking for us to support the senior healthcare IT application leader in whatever way that we can, to make our members feel like there’s value.” AEHIA members have responded positively with high interest and attendance in AEHIA Live Webinars, and great engagement overall in 2018.

Todd also outlined the thought process and importance of a successful annual event. As a CHIME member, Todd has experienced the high-quality education and networking that takes place at the CIO Fall Forum. “The holy grail committee seems to be the planning committee for the fall summit, and having that be a capstone event is significant. Having the membership come together at a well-attended and meaningful conference that allows them to network and learn informally from their peers, but go through the formal education of what you learn in those seminars… is so important for energizing an applications leader, for taking ideas back to make their organizations that much better. I definitely see that as a primary goal that is supported by the other things we’re talking about.”

Time commitments between committees vary, but expect to meet once or twice a month for up to an hour, and occasionally work on action items related to the committee objectives. To join a committee of interest and participate in growing and enhancing AEHIA, head to or click this link to learn more and sign up. AEHIA staff will put you in touch with the committee’s leadership to onboard you to the committee of your choice.

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