RPA Governance – Innovating People and Processes

Date: 11/05/2020
Event Type: Archived , Innovation Beyond the Edge
Session Speaker(s):

Heather Nelson, SVP & CIO, UChicago Medicine

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Selecting an RPA technology is an important task when organizations are on their innovation journey. While its fun to find the ‘best new thing’, ensuring there is strong governance and processes for selecting business use cases with quantifiable ROI is more important. In this discussion, Heather Nelson, SVP & CIO, will discuss UChicago Medicine's journey to partner with the business to structure RPA development and corresponding success criteria, showcasing innovation that includes people, process & technology—with technology not necessarily being in the driver’s seat. Sessions include live Q&A with the speaker and small roundtable sessions. NOTE: Registration is reserved for leaders within provider organizations and supporters of individual sessions.
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